A relationship is a beautiful union of two human beings for the same cause which begins when they find each other and breakup when they feel unsuited to one another.

It is quite funny how the revolution is derived within a very short span of time. At this instance two possible questions arise; were they mistakenly convinced that the partner as a soul mate? Or failed to cope up with the demands of relationship?

Whatever the case may be, it is always advisable to leave a relationship when somebody feels it is so horrible to cope with.


The most suggested reason for dropping the attractions in a short time is getting into relationships without proper analysis of the partner.
Many couple decides to live in relationships just considering the peripheral attraction and attachment; by the time they realize the
actuality of life, they will be in a hooked-up situation. Better to leave a relationship if it gives only issues and dissatisfaction. 

Let us see few of the tips that will serve as a guide to help one to decide the right time to leave an unpromising relationship.

1- If you constantly feel that you do not receive the due respect and concern, instead get abused; then it is advised to leave the
relationship and stay away from that person.

The prime goal of entering into relationship is to be more jovial and satisfied. Each of
the partners should care for the other and try to comfort each other in a relationship.

2- Emotional or physical abuses are to be avoided in a relationship. Pick up the courage to leave immediately if the partner goes on engaging in abusive behavior pattern. Modern relationships do not bind any person to suffer in an incompatible relationship.


3- Romance is the sum of all the struggles and tensions undergone in relationships. People get into relationships to enjoy the romantic presence of the partner and accomplish the human tendency of loving and being loved.
If one of the partners does not understand the importance of affection, then the relationship cannot progress in an effective manner. You need not compromise your life for a partner who is less affectionate or rude to you.
Lack of romance is the obvious sign of lack of interest. When the love meter dips down perpetually, then one has to understand it as the right time to leave the relationship.
4- Trust is very delicate and a must have string that binds the partners in a relationship together. As soon as you realize the trust is broken, leave without hesitation.
Mutual trust is highly essential in every relationship and both the partners need to adhere to the commitment.

Trust is the way of expressing`the love, concern and importance one feels for the other person. If any one of the partners doesn’t care to maintain the trust in the relationship, then it is always better to hold back.



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