In Islam, marriage is a legal contract between a man and woman build in love, trust and understanding. This brings us to Tozali Couple of the week.

They say love is a beautiful feeling when   shared with the person your heart desires. In the case of Ummu Khulthum Abdulkadir and Yusuf Balan Wada it is indeed a celebration of true love.

The lineup of event which started with the Kamu celebration at Federal low cost Gombe state was a colorful and memorable one to behold as the bride was beautifully dressed, her flawless makeup added more beauty to her out fit.

The wedding Fatiha which took place at the Emir’s Palace in Gombe had in attendance both families of the couple.

As they say there is no event that is complete without refreshment and dance. The couple were treated to a lovely Lunch which took place at Federal Low cost still in Gombe where family and friends  were in attendance to rejoice and celebrate with the couple. Finally the bride was unveiled at Alhaji Balan Wada Residence in Gombe state (the Grooms family) to see their beautiful bride……….. Tozali magazine/TV wishes the couple a blessed home.