Facebook Lie (Jokes)


Albino met a girl on Facebook, and they both decided to introduce themselves to each other.

Albino: What is your name?

Girl: Lovett         

Albino: Where do you work?

Girl: I am a fashion designer. What about you:

Albino: I am a managing director, I have my own business. I like you so much, more than 2 sim china phones.

Girl: hmmmmmm, that’s lovely, thanks.

After few months, as Albino was trying to open the gate for his master, he met the girl coming towards him shouting, “buy sweet bread and butter”, they both jammed each other face to face.

Albino was shocked and surprised at the same time and he shouted ah ah!!…. Is this your shop? The girl was equally surprised and also said ah ahh!! Oloshi….. Stupid manager!


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