Gimba Kumo and Fatima Buhari: A Marriage Made in Heaven


We have for your viewing pleasure a special coverage of the simple subtle wedding ceremony of the President’s daughter, Fatima Buhari and her long time heartthrob, Mallam Gimba Ya’u Kumo (a former Managing Director of Federal Mortgage Bank). The wedding which took place in Daura, the birth place of the President, was attended by many dignitaries who came all the way to celebrate with the couple in their special moment.

Gimba and Fatima knew each other since the 1990s, but recently got back together as friends; one thing led to another and marriage followed to seal the relationship that seems to be made in heaven. “Gimba is my friend, someone I love and respect”, said Fatima in a short chit chat. I haven’t seen a couple so very fond of each other like this duo. They were laughing all through the picture sessions.

The wedding, like any other Hausa/Fulani traditional marriage, had series of events lined up. Although the ceremony was strictly family affair, and was attended only by close family members and friends, yet it had all the ingredients of a normal wedding. After the wedding Fatiha, which was the first event, Yini followed (Yini is a reception or get together of family and friends); then Gaisuwa (visitations), all in Daura. There was another family get together in Kaduna where they dined with Fatima’s sisters and children from her first marriage. The next day they proceeded to Kumo, the groom’s home town where the bride was turbaned the Alkebba of Akko by His Royal Highness, the Emir of Akko. She also visited her new family home in Gombe and met with her husband’s first wife and children. They got back to Abuja where they had good moments with the 2nd wife of Gimba Ya’u Kumo. In TOZALI, we speak in pictures.