Love Issues


Ways to know that you are getting nowhere with Him

In all seriousness, sometimes it’s better to know sooner rather than later that the love you are hanging all your hopes on is a “stuck ship”.

And while you may think that you are definitely going to end up somewhere with your partner, why not stop and ask some pretty tricky questions like…….

  1. What is your relationship status?
  2. How many years have you and your partner been together?

These are questions you should ask yourself as they are necessary and important questions.

What is your relationship status?

Often time’s people think that they are in a relationship not knowing that they are single. Love is a complicated matter and when dealing with the matters of the heart one needs to sit, watch and observe not allowing emotions elude you.

Asking the question “What is your relationship status” is paramount to you.

You can have a partner and yet feel so alone. So before you go ahead and make that mistake you might as well ask yourself the big question “Does my relationship status goes in line with what am in?

How many years have you and your partner been together?

Have you been in a relationship that has taken the better part of your life? Have you spent more than the required years that is to be spent in a relationship? If he is not talking about the future why waste your time with him?

Ask yourself is he worth the wait? If not, then you have to pull the breaks, take a turn and move fast ahead.

When you’ve gotten the answers to all your questions then you will know you are definitely going nowhere in the relationship.


By Maimuna Bagudu