What Men Want But Are Afraid To Ask For


There are many things that men want their women to do for them or something they will like to know, but for some reason, they just cannot bring themselves to ask. Women are getting it all wrong when they think that men are not supposed to ask for affection or complain to you when you as their spouse don’t do what they want. Is your man craving for your attention but don’t want to ask you? And you don’t even know what he wants? These few things are some of what he wants, all you need to do is just to read on and apply them in your relationships, and believe it that you will set his head spinning in love.

He wants his girlfriend/wife to know he loves her

He can be awkward and also his ego might not let him say what is on his mind. Words may fail him. But he likes to think you know how much he loves you. He does. You can see it in his attitude, feel it in his silences, his touch and even the way he looks at you. All what he requires of you is to prove to him that you know he is crazy about you.

He wants his lady to take the lead

He may be a natural leader, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t like you to take the lead. Surprise him, especially in bed. He will be under your spell. You can also decide to take him out on a date and all the expense to be on you. It doesn’t have to be always him all the time.

He wants respect

Men don’t like to be disrespected no matter what, even if they are wrong. He is very sensitive, and doesn’t like it when you belittle him, even as a joke. He wants respect, not mocking.  He may be bold, but he likes that you respect him for what he is, flaws included! When he is trying to correct you, just keep shut if you don’t want a fight.

He wants to be admired

He enjoys being flattered. He really does. Just look at him with admiration and he will be happy. When he dresses up in a nice shirt and trouser, just go close to him and say “wow baby you really look good”. A guy likes nothing more than making his girlfriend/wife admire him and praises him a lot. Just be rest assured that he will be all yours.

He wants to be with you

Some men want to be with their spouses every minute of the day when they are both not busy. He likes it when the two of you just sit down cuddling, watching the television or even talking. Don’t take it as he is being over protective or doesn’t want you to be with other people. He just loves your company.

He wants to receive encouragement

He will never admit it, especially not in front of his friends, but your man has doubts. When he feels broken and might want to give up, just be there with words of encouragement. Let him know that he can do it and he will come out successfully. He will sometimes wake up in the middle of the night, just looking out at the ceiling with dark thoughts. In these times of anxiety, what helps him most is your support.

He wants to feel appreciated

Because he sometimes has doubts, he doesn’t take your love for granted, even if he may seem to at times. When he does a little thing for you, maybe cleans the house or even cooks before you get home, appreciate it. He needs your “thank you”, your sweet words and how you also express your gratitude matters. You can appreciate him by even buying a gift for him.

He wants an independent girlfriend/wife

If you are always waiting for him to call or don’t have any life outside of him, your man might end up finding you a little boring. He likes that his girlfriend/wife has projects of her own (he’s even proud of it!) and that she can take care of herself. Of course, he likes to protect her too, but he doesn’t want to cut her wings off. He likes a lady who has a life of her own, not someone who stops breathing when he is not around. Show him that you can also make it without depending solely on him.

He wants to feel desired

By you and by others, sometimes! Although he will never admit it especially to you, he likes it when he gets other women’s attention. But hey, don’t get jealous but rather feel happy that you have a cute man as yours. Don’t be afraid to send him flirty messages as this will make him feel happy.

He wants to show he has feelings too

He wants to be able to cry without worrying that you will take advantage of this flaw to manipulate him and call him a baby. Showing his sensitive side is not always easy and he sure doesn’t want to be taken for a wimp. Just give him a shoulder to cry on, or better still you can cry with him too. This will make him feel that you are also sharing in his pain.

He wants to relax

For him, weekends are made to relax. And relaxing doesn’t mean throwing a dinner party, going to the movies, cleaning up the house or running errands. Relaxing means doing nothing. No planning allowed. Just to stay at home and enjoy a quality time with you.

He wants to talk

Your man is not afraid of discussions. Pick a subject that he likes and he will turn into a real chatterbox. Don’t hesitate to tell him how your day was, what you did and who you saw. But in the process don’t forget to ask him how his day went too. You can even decide to talk about how growing up was like and the foolish things you did when you were little.

He wants to stay the way he is

No, he doesn’t want to change, unless he decides so. If you try to turn him into someone he’s not, don’t be surprised to see him flip out. He might even decide to leave you if you insist on telling him to stop doing things he loves doing.

He wants to feel he can protect you

He feels right at ease when he is protecting you. Although he likes the fact that you are an independent woman, he wants to know he can also protect you. And he will do just about anything for that. He wants to know he can stand up for you and take you out of a mess when the situation requires it. But that doesn’t guarantee you getting yourself into trouble with the thought that “I have a wrestler as a boyfriend”.

He wants you to show affection to him in public

Every man becomes a king when his lady hooks her hand into his elbow as they walk or stand in public. As much as they would like it, it is also much difficult for them to ask. So now that you know, remember to slip your hand into his when the both of you are taking a stroll or going out to the shopping mall. You can even decide to do what he never thought you will, that is giving him a kiss in public. It is not a bad idea. Don’t you think?


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