1. Do not feel ashamed of yourself:

Feeling ashamed will only make you look weak and hopeless. A breakup can happen to anybody at any time; how you handle it is what matters. There is nothing to be ashamed of, life goes on. Remember you have a beautiful life ahead. Nobody should make you feel less of a human; they are not worth it.

2. Never stalk him or her:

After a breakup, it is easy to slip into swim fan mode without even realizing it. But you shouldn’t. I repeat, DON’T. Don’t get into the habit of checking Facebook page every time you sign in, because this will soon become second nature and eventually, an impulse you will perform like clockwork. Don’t be that girl or guy who shows up at a party your ex is attending, and stands in the corner the whole time watching his every move. Know why? Because it’s creepy! You demean yourself when you do that.

3. Do not hold on to pictures of the person or stuff that will remind you of him or her:

There is a reason for the phrase, “A picture tells a thousand stories”. Pictures are able to tell a ton of stories because you can extend your imagination and suspend disbelief. Looking at pictures and personal belongings of your ex will keep bringing to mind how you were cheated on. You will probably keep crying and keep hurting.

4. Do not give up on love:

Love is a beautiful thing. The fact that you met a love abuser doesn’t mean there are no people that understand and respect the word “love”. If you keep soaking yourself in the river of tears, you may not see the “good guy” who might just be looking for who has a broken heart to be mended.

5. Do not take it out on other people:

Transferring aggression is not the way to go. You should love people more than ever before, but be careful about it. Do not make people suffer for someone else’s sin.

  1. 6. Do not go around telling stories to people:

    It will only become gist that will fade away after sometime. Some people are in the habit of telling what their ex did to them to everyone that cares to listen. They take every opportunity they get to narrate how bad and ungrateful he or she is. By so doing, you have given yourself to ridicule and a point of reference to any one that gets their heart trashed.

7. Do not seclude yourself:

This means you should not stay away from your friends and decide to stay on your own in self-pity. You should be around people that will make you happy and forget you were ever involved with the wrong person. Be happy and get on with your life because no one has the right to hold up your life. If people expected to see you downcast, lonely and weeping, the best you can do for yourself is to disappoint their expectations.

     8. Do not jump into another relationship:

The pleasure and sense of relief you might get by doing this will be strong, but fleeting. It’s like the whole band-aid solution; you are not allowing yourself to fully heal from the breakup. And healing before another relationship is important so that you don’t go into it with unhealthy emotional neediness which might cause you another breakup.

9. Do not judge the person:

You also have flaws that need to be worked upon; you could just be the reason for the breakup. Instead of wallowing in tears, why not sit and think about how you may have contributed to the breakup and see how you can work on that before your next relationship.



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