Rocking the Multiple Pleat Gele


The fashion radar will never get boring as new fashion styles and tips keep emerging. Fashionista are always on top of their games so that they don’t get beaten. From the shoes, to the bags, to the peplum blouse and so much more. Now there is a way to tie gele that is the rave of the moment for most fashion lovers. It is called the Infinity or Multiple Pleats Gele Style. As a lady, you might have been bombarded with glam pictures of Nigerian women rocking this gele style on the Instagram or Facebook. This multi-pleat gele is really gorgeous. There is no way you would not make people swoon if you were to be carrying this on your head.

Weddings, social event have become more colourful with the different styles of gele people rock to parties now. Brides feel glamorous on their engagement ceremonies when they are being dressed gorgeously; the gele is always the highlight of their dressing as everyone expects them to have an expert tying it for them on that day.

You can use an Ankara fabric or aso oke to tie this beautiful gele. The multi-pleat Ankara gele is obviously in vogue now; people are creative with the way they tie this material. The various layers they get from tying the gele make it a wonder to behold. You need as much as 6 yards of fabric to get the style right. You want to rock this rave of the moment? Then follow these steps to tie the infinity pleats gele.

  1. Create initial pleats: Before placing the fabric you intend to use, make sure that you create some pleats. You can achieve that by using your hand to hold each end of the fabric, and then you start making a few pleats one by one.
  2. Do it until you get as much as ten pleats, but make sure that you still have some parts of the fabric without pleats.
  3. The next thing to do is to place it on your head. Then starting from one quarter of the length, you should place one side of the gele to be longer than the other.
  4. Adjust the gele on your head to make it form, and smoothen the pleats so that they are close to each other.
  5. Take the longer side around your head, through the back of your head.
  6. When it gets to the front beside your ear, place it over the other pleats you have made already.
  7. Continue this process until you get to the end of the fabric.
  8. Finish off by tying the two ends of the fabrics to secure the gele and keep it from losing.
  9. Use some pins and hold down any loose or hanging fabric and you will have the finished look.

The finished look is a big head-gear, although some people are making it in a smaller and simpler version. You can choose to rock it with any outfit not just Ankara. You can opt to go for a lace and blouse and you will leave people drooling at your new look. Never be afraid to use different and colourful Ankara fabric of your choice.

By; Pupwaya Timothy Dibal


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