In what ways do you think Nigerian Government can handle the problem of insecurity?


Nigerians are anxiously concerned about how the federal, state and local governments can work together to tackle the issues of insecurity in the country. Thousands of innocent people have been killed while properties worth millions of naira have been destroyed by insurgents, and the federal government has failed to bring the perpetrators to book. Many have being rendered homeless because of these barbaric acts; no week passes without reports of unknown gunmen entering into remote villages and killing innocent souls. Are these gunmen spirits that cannot be arrested? Why is the government finding it difficult to bring these perpetrators to book?

What’s your view about how the federal government can handle the problem of insecurity in the country?

Blaya Yusuf: The security agencies need to be equipped with the necessary equipment needed to fight insecurity in the country. What I mean by equipping the military is that, when the security agencies are well equipped with modern technology and proper equipment, security will become stable in this country. Another challenge is the issue of corruption, the government need to do away with corruption, and then provide adequate facilities for training and retraining of the personnel. We so much love corruption, to the extent that it does not look like corruption again. Government should have military industries where military hardware can be produce. You know the major challenge in this country is corruption, so whatever I have more to say still boils back to corruption. So, if we can fight corruption, then we have solved the problem of insecurity in Nigeria.

Mr. Solomon: The issue of insecurity in the country is one of the great problems that we are facing presently. Since the emergency of Boko Haram in 2009 till today, we will say that peace have since abandoned us. Talking about how the government can handle or tackle the issue of insecurity in the country is in several ways. First, the government needs to address the issue of unemployment and its related challenges. This is because so many unemployed youths engage in so many illegal acts when the government is not willing to employ them. Secondly, government should be serious about prosecution of looters. Public figures are always in the habit of looting government treasury and even when some of them are arrested they still find a way out to bribe the judges or the security personnel. Thirdly, the federal government should checkmate its spending and overhead cost within its structure. Fourthly, government should also make its various offices unattractive. And what do I mean by this? They should try as much as possible to reduce the bonuses and jumbo pay allocated to leaders. And last but not the least, local government areas should be provided with the basic social amenities like water, light, primary health care, roads and most importantly boost economic activities.

Nanyit Gutohol Geofrey: To be honest and in my own point of view, there are so many steps that the governments need to take in order to handle the problem of insecurity in the country. First, the Federal government together with all the security agencies in the country should work hand in hand to tighten security on the boarders. This is because many weapons and illegal things are being brought in through the boarder. Our boarders is so loose to the extend that the dreaded sect which is Boko Haram will attack innocent people and kill them, then escape through the borders. The government should also try and empower the youth, that is by creating job opportunity so that they can be engage and not turn to criminal business as their source of income. The government should also try and arrest those sponsoring hoodlums that are causing insecurity problem in the country. Those found guilty should be punished to serve as an example to others. Lastly, the Federal government should give adequate training and provide the security personnel with sophisticated equipment to help in the fight against insecurity in the country.

Abdullahi Maigida:The state of youth unemployment constitutes an enormous resource that is indispensable in the race to transform society and develop Nigeria. Our youths must be mobilized for realistic productive dispensation. It must be done through the instrumentality of knowledge which remains a potent tool for emancipation, dignity and integrity.Politics of bitterness: This is one of the problems creating security and unrest in the country, where politicians see political positions as do or die affairs.Corruption: Corruption is a worldwide phenomenon, but its high level in Nigeria has negatively impacted on her development. When corruption exists and manifests in governance, the potentials for dealing with a multitude of problems would severely diminish.The military should be equipped with modern fighting ammunitions and training; and retraining of military personnel should be improved upon. The Nigeria Police Force should also be given adequate ammunition and vehicles to fight kidnapping, armed robbery and cultism. As it is today, no state in the federation is free from insecurity.

Matthew Hygenius: Our youth should be educated and empowered with adequate knowledge. As it is often said, “an idle mind is the devils workshop”, so when the youth who are supposed to be working are roaming the street jobless, they become instruments of terrorism.The government needs to create employment for young graduates, and those who didn’t go to school should be empowered with different skills; by so doing everybody will be busy pursuing his or her career and will not have time for useless affairs. The government should retire those who are due for retirement in government offices, be it police, army, ministries etc. As long as these people remain in office, they keep controlling everyday activities, thereby making it difficult for new polices to be introduced. They should also do away with religious bigotry and the issue of God father of a thing should not exist. Corruption is so high in this country that if you don’t comply you won’t get a good post or position from whoever that is in charge. Talking about insecurity, a group of people may decide to unleash terror in a certain community and may even threaten the federal government to maybe bribe them if not they will carry out their plan, all these issues need to be address for peace to reign. So Nigerian governments need to recheck their policies and do away with people who are due for retirement so that fresh and young minds can be in the government; as long as they remain in office then our problems will continue.


By: Mercy Kukah


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