Step out in the cold shoulder Ankara outfits


Hey ladies! Ankara styles overtime have become our day to day wears; gone are the days when Ankara was only a Friday staple for ladies. These days many ladies are going stylish, and can even rock Ankara outfit to the office. The new trend in the fashion radar, you cannot but add to your Ankara collections, is the cold shoulder Ankara outfit. Sometimes people tend to mistake the cold shoulder as off shoulders, whereas they are both different.  If you have been making that mistake, then allow us to show you the difference. While an Off Shoulder is designed in a way that it falls way off the shoulders to reveal all the skin around the neck and the top shoulder sides, the “Cold Shoulder” usually features some fabric on your shoulders with little cutouts to reveal your shoulder sides. The great thing about Cold Shoulders is that fashionistas who want to keep part of their shoulders covered, and are not ready to flaunt it all, can absolutely rock this.

Most of the time, age determines what you wear, and what we feel comfortable in varies as we grow, but the cold shoulder outfit is for all women no matter the age. Cold shoulder is sexy without being overly revealing. This style that has made a comeback from the 1980s is definitely something to try no matter your shape and size. It is a trend particularly flattering for all women because every one’s shoulder looks great, the shoulder is a beautiful part of the body to show off. It is the perfect way to ease yourself into showing a little skin, if you are not ready to flaunt the whole of your arm.

What’s more fun than to join the trending cold shoulder outfit? So don’t be left out because it gives you an extremely attractive look and the bare shoulder gives a subtle feminine touch. The outfit is cool for all occasions as well, as it always brings out the chic and fashionable side of the wearer.  The bonus is, they keep you cool and comfy when it is hot out there. So, why not get a lovely Ankara fabric and get it made into a cold shoulder outfit because this trend is here to stay.

By Pupwaya Timothy Dibal


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