Tomato is a soft, red fruit. It can can be eaten raw or cooked as a vegetable,  it’s a large , small rounded and any other shape (species); tomatoes are rich in folate, potassium and vitamin C it can be added for daily skin regime because it help strengthen the immunity and very good for the skin.
It removes dead cells because of the enzymes in it that works as natural escalators. Mash tomatoes with sugar as a gentle exfoliator for your skin.
Tomatoes controls acne because its rich in vitamin A, C and K. It helps maintain the skin’s PH when used for deep cleansing. Use tomatoes regularly on acne-prone skin to help curb it or prevent breakouts.
If you have oily skin, then apply tomato daily to keep check on oil production on the skin. It helps tighten pores, excellent in treating sunburns by removing tan marks because of the abundance of vitamin C and A.
Tomatoes have anti-inflammatory compound that is good for irritable skin, they also reduce the signs of aging like blemishes, wrinkles spots and dark circles because of the vitamin D content in it.
Tomatoes are excellent for skin brightening, by using a pulp of tomato, a spoon of fuller earth and a paste of fresh mint.  Apply and leave it to dry then wash face with warm water.
Safrat Gani