VIP MINERS: Be an Honoured Gold Investor


VIP Miners are a group of dedicated like-minds that started in January 2017 and have come together with a common goal of financial breakthrough. VIP Miners have an in-depth understanding of the Swissgolden investment and bonus programme. The team has developed a strategic structure that ensures transparency, growth and support to all members.

The team on the 13th May 2017, organized a one-day event at Harrow Park Golf Club, Ahmadu Bello Way Wuse 11 Abuja, in the Aso View Hall of the venue. The event was a means to educate and sign in more people to earn money in Swissgolden.

No one loses his or her cash investing in Swissgolden. You can opt out and get your full refund or you may sell to a new client who wishes to do the next investment after verifying your account. This means there is no risk involved in Swissgolden, and there is no continuous re-investment to keep earning. Your first main table pay yields 2 times your initial investment.

The objective of this team is to explore all the opportunities available within the different tables of orders in Swissgolden as a TEAM, while the vision is to grow our consistently earning team members by 100% monthly.

With Swissgolden, be rest assured that you are on the right way to saying good-bye to poverty.

As usual, Tozali crew was there to capture the event. Find below the highlight.