Ways to deal with a clingy partner


We all love attention from our spouse, but being married or dating someone that is clingy can be very frustrating. Such clingy spouse will always be calling even when he or she knows you are in the office, will be texting every hour and checking on you every minute and at unexpected times. An overly attached partner can be very difficult to handle. In the beginning, you might love all the attention but as time goes on you will feel choked up and will need some breathing space and privacy. But what if telling your partner that he or she is clingy will hurt their feelings so bad?

Read through and find out how to deal with clingy partner in a subtle way.

The first thing you have to do is  find out why he or she is overly clingy. It might be due to insecurity or trust issues. Some spouses tend to be too clingy with their partners due to bad experience from their past relationship. If that is the case, make him or her see reason that you are different and will not in any way hurt his or her feelings. Chances are he or she doesn’t know he is overly attached to you, he or she might feel they are just giving you their attention. But communication is the best.

couple-paying-bills-103919678-croppedIf your partner calls and texts you too much, let him or her understand you might be busy at certain times and won’t be able to attend any calls or text messages. Your partner might feel you are ignoring him or her but the best thing to do is to explain the nature of your job. Make sure you tell your partner that you appreciate the calls and text lest he or she feels bad.

Let him or her know and also show him or her your commitment anytime you are with them. Try as much as possible to avoid any unnecessary calls or distractions when you are together so you will help them build self-confidence and reduce insecurities.

“Be clear about what you like, most men or women think their partners like it if they are clingy or spend more time with them”. If you are not the type that like your partner  to be all over you, always asking you where you are and all; then let him or her know from the start that you should respect each other’s privacy. The earlier you discuss it, the better for the both of you.

By Pupwaya Timothy Dibal