It’s another wonderful Wednesday and our woman crush for today is the beautiful and hard working Laylah Ali Othman. Laylah Ali Othman is an interior decorator and CEO of L&N (Laylah and Nahaar) Creations; she has a degree in English Language and also holds a diploma in Interior Design and Interior Decoration.

Laylah is one lady that reaches out to the masses  who need help the most through her reality television show ‘’Laylah’s Way” which shows people how to live their lives a little more sensibly. She so much believes that with a little amount of money, you can live comfortably. To her, putting smiles on peoples face is more than enough fulfillment. Laylah has sacrificed her business for the good of others and she is bringing so much joy and sunshine into the lives of her recipients.  She is the type of lady that knows how to get things done; Laylah is one of the most selfless people you will come across.

Having studied the philanthropic work of John D. Rockefeller, titan of the American industrial revolution; she turned a philanthropist after becoming successful in the business of interior designs.

Miss Laylah Othman never stops talking when it comes to social justice and equality debates; she advocates that women should know their role in reforming the society.

Laylah has also received numerous awards from different universities both Local and international for her philanthropic work in the areas of health and education.

By Maimuna Bagudu


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