There’s always something to love about a purple dress. This slim lady nailed it.

There’s a whole lot of style and design you can make with a fabric and ankara. This pretty girl looks dazzling, a style inspiration for baby girls

There is something about sky blue, it adds and brings out the beauty of a woman’s complexion. The style of her dress is adorable. Her pink gele complements her look.


The face mask is no doubt a new fashion accessory. Her dress is simply mesmerizing

The bell hand and fringe style is one style that can never go out of fashion. Her dress is elegant

Style is what you make of it. Her dress is so fabulous and her style is remarkable as well.

Gorgeous and alluring (PHOTO CREDIT NONSO OKOYE)

Blue is associated with freedom, intuition and inspiration. You will agree with me that her attire encompasses all.

Show me a queen who is not in love with purple colour and i will tell you she’s no queen at all. This purple dress is royalty.

Not everyone knows how to wear a brown outfit, but this young man here surprisingly brought his own sauce to this colour.

Are you looking for style idea for your lace fabric? This straight dress design is an inspiration


Ever in doubt of a colour to rock, go for black because you can never go wrong in it.

Elegance is the word to describe her outfit (PHOTO CREDIT NONSO OKOYE)


An MC who brings his own sauce to the stage. His outfit is nice.



Perfect for a kamu outfit.