You deserve someone who does not only make you feel better, but makes you want to be better. He supports you and your goals. He’d listen to you blabber about your life like it’s the most interesting topic in the world.

When you’re about to give up, he’d be your cheerer.He would keep you motivated all the way.

You deserve someone who is utterly obsessed with you.He would randomly place notes in between book pages because he knows it would make you smile. He would call you at 2 am just to tell you he wants to hear your voice.He would drive for 3 hours just to see you for an hour because he misses you. He would send you peonies because he knows you love them. He would text you good morning not because he feels obligated to do so,but because you’re the first thing on his mind from the moment he wakes up.

You deserve to be treated like a choice, not an option.
You are not someone’s “maybe.” He would treat you like a priority. He would love you consistently. He would always be there especially whenever you need him.He would make an effort to be with you. He would show you that you are his one and only.